Forefoot running?

Sneakers by H&M

I used to run a lot as a teenager, but I was 10 kilos lighter then. When I started running again six years ago, I simply had to stop, my knees were killing me.

In 2010 I started swimming four times a week and I got bitten by the adrenaline rush I guess. I had the urge to run again, more than I’d felt in 15 years. I took up so-called “forefoot running” in spring 2011. Because of my old knee problem I googled “running technique” and one of the first posts to come up was a Youtube video of some guy in flat shoes with separate toes, and the usual ridiculous comment discussion. But at least I learned there were several schools of running, not just “left-right repeat”. I found some useful stuff on other blogs and soon I was pounding gravel in my local park wearing flat shoes from H&M. Lo and behold! No knee pain.

My lap times also improved considerably, plus I had a sudden urge to run farther. After two weeks of forefoot running could run 10 km in less than 50 minutes. My old PB from when I was 14 is 45 minutes!

Running was never this much fun.

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