I see the pool from this angle.

I went for a short swim in the pool today. For me the best cross-training is swimming. I also swim laps under water which builds a lot of lactose acid in my muscles. I feel like it must have some benefit for long distance running, but mostly I do it for fun.

Running with the ladies.

I sometimes join my girlfriend and all the pregnant and elderly ladies for an Aerobics session in the park. I feel completely un-manly, but basically it’s a great warm-up for a run. I still need a lot more strength in my quads and ankles, so any bouncy and jumpy activity is a stepping stone to a better half marathon.

Also, while jumping around to old dance hits in the park, it strikes me that one of the reasons women live longer than men may be because they excercise. A lot. Most men either excel at sports or watch sports from their sofa. I think somewhere in that middle ground you find a lot of healthy women who excercise just about the right amount. And they keep at it for longer. At least for me, it has taken some psychological strength to run slower than before. I used to be able to run 3 to 5 km and then I was completely dead. Now I regularly run more than 10 km and when I’m done I feel like I could have continued. I even want to. I don’t strive to be the fastest, but to enjoy the ride.

All in all, I regard women as my real competitors in a race. The way they run light inspires me. How they can outrun me using half the power.

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