Running Easy

Kastellet, Copenhagen

This is where the running happens. What a great place!

Just came back from a nice, easy 7 km run. My new Vivobarefoots are amazing at keeping me on the forefoot! My game plan is to stick to the forefoot like glue but not overdo it in terms of speed and mileage. Hopefully this will make my lower legs rock solid.

It did not feel fun to run as slow as I did today, but I focus on my 100% success in keeping good form, back straight, stride short and light. From my race experience, it seems my cardio-vascular system (i.e. heart and lungs) is in a lot better shape than my legs. So I focus on my form, and building strength in my feet, quads and ankles.

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2 thoughts on “Running Easy

  1. Looks like a beautiful place to run.

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