Short run.


Kastellet, probably the best place for running laps in central Copenhagen.

Nice easy run today. 3.5 km without the insoles in my EVOs. Felt a bit faster than usual, but I think it’s just because I passed some runners. I wanted to run further, but I’m trying to be careful.

I’ve been reading Jason Robillards book “The Barefoot Running Book”, which I got free from his blog. It’s full of very concrete and simple training tips. Thinking of ordering the paper edition actually. Inspired by the book I’m working on picking up the feet at the end of each stride as opposed to pushing off with my feet. Judging by feel, it saves some energy and feels nice. I guess you always push off to some extent, but at least this relaxes my stride.

I also used a clicktrack found on Good Form running to keep my cadence high. It may be because I’m a musician, but I grow tired of any playlist when running. I’m just trying to get the right rhythm in my legs, then I will get rid of the clicktrack and enjoy the silence. I don’t get those people who run with headphones on. The tapping of feet against pavement is the best sound in the world.

All I can say is forefoot running definitely suits me. Next up is some actual running in bare feet, and running on concrete some more.

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