My favourite piece of equipment.

My way back to civilization.

For some reason most of my running clothes don’t have pockets. I have a jacket with a pocket that can hold one key and one credit card, but in the summer I don’t use a jacket. Still I always need a pocket, which means I have to spend time planning what to wear, as I need at least one piece of clothing with a decent pocket. I don’t know who these targeted consumers are who don’t need to bring their keys when running.

I complained about it in an earlier post. Now I finally went and did something about it. Voilà, a portable pocket! It seems the fanny pack is not dead, just expelled to the back of the store with the hiking equipment. I look forward to stuffing it with biscuits, chocolate, camera, phone, ID, money, maps, chewing gum and other things I might need.

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One thought on “My favourite piece of equipment.

  1. Ben says:

    I agree. Some of the packs for runners are just too minimal. Glad you found an alternative.

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