Minimus Disappointment

Finally went and pestered my local running shop to try the Minimus Road shoe. I figured I’d use it as a casual shoe which I could occasionally run in. I love the look of the shoe, but it was pretty clear as soon as I put it on: This shoe is not for me. They felt clunky even walking around with, like having a rope under the midfoot. I was sort of disappointed, probably because this was the first minimal, or “reduced” running shoe I read about on the web.

I have never understood why most running shoes have “arch support” also on the outside of the foot, opposite side of the actual arch. At least I don’t have an arch there, I would like a good groove along the outside of the foot, all the way from the heel to the ball of the foot, with no bumps or “support”. But don’t take it from me, I have weird hobbit feet. Just know that the Minimus is not exactly minimal: It has some kind of “midfoot support”, probably to encourage landing midfoot.

I look forward to trying the new zero-drop version next spring, hopefully it’s a better fit for me.

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