Springy feet

I’ve stopped checking my pace as I go. Makes it a lot less stressful. Light, springy feet, and not too slow… I’ve made a beakthrough in my form. All they say about staying light on your foot, let your legs do the work etc… It’s much more literal than I thought. I managed to get my upper body relax and use the springiness in my legs to do the work. I hardly broke a sweat today, and I even bolted past a few joggers on the way. Now if I could just keep my ambitions low and not get triggered by hitting new records I stand a good chance of staying injury free… I’m not light for a runner, so I feel the need to be extra careful.

I’ve inherited some home knitted ankle warmers from my girlfriend to keep my ankles warm, as my Achilles tendon seems to be my weak link, fittingly. No pain today.

The run was followed by some chicken tikka masala, with green masala rice, and of course, a beer.


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