Kids’ backpack


Made this one for my daughter, on request. I am making a backpack for myself. My backpack is going to have an opening on the side facing my back, like a gym bag, but otherwise just be a plain 40l backpack. I discovered a few years ago that soft bags are practical when flying with handluggage only, beacause you can cram it in under the seat if the plane is full. It only takes up the space your packed luggage does. I also prefer backpacks to trolleys because they give more freedom of movement. Inspiration:


My daughter loved the moss green fabric that I bought, and she hates her Kånken Mini backpack so much, because it’s uncomfortable and small. So I made her one based on the Eastpak Padded Pakr and JanSport Right Pack. It’s a bit longer in the back, and I’m adding a chest strap so it stays on.

The hardest part was doing all the seams on the front pocket from the inside. I had to bend the stiff fabric to get in through the opening with my sewing machine. Basting by hand first really helps. The Kånken/EastPak style zipper placement is also difficult to align with the bottom part of the backpack, because you have to add in the width of the zipper. The maths is simple, but the chance of ending up with crooked seams at the ends of the zipper is big. If you do the opening in the style of the Right Pack, it’s a lot easier to sew. (It’s the way that is shown in the video below.) It makes it a bit less waterproof at the top, that’s why I still bothered. You can see the different zipper placements here:

I don’t sew well, so I need to think about construction more than more talented seamsters and seamstresses. The backpack is done apart from the chest strap, which is required equipment in kindergarten.

It’s also my first attempt at machine embroidery. I used regular paper and printed out a drawing of a unicorn. (Turns out regular paper is water soluble too.) Then I just followed the lines as well as I could with my regular foot. Embroidering was boring, but my daughter likes the result. Now she wants butterflies swarming around the unicorn. No way I’m doing those. She can add them herself in a few years.

I’ve used these sources for tips and hints:

And BTW, I’m still running around in minimal shoes. My wife has become a bigger running geek than me, and we are going to run a marathon next spring.


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