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Will power.

What is will power? It used to be the ability to put on my running shoes and force myself out the door. Those were simple days.

These days will power is what I need to respect my rest days, and not go for meaningless runs like the one today. Hobbling along with legs hurting doesn’t do any good for my form or VO2 Max.

I should focus on getting some cross-training done, and eating less junk. Got to lose six kg before half marathon in April. That is not going to happen if I don’t start eating better tomorrow. Wish me luck. Or will power.


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Another trip to the pool today. Swam 1000m and did some diving. I’m resting my calves, but I’m longing to go for a run. I see now how people get addicted.

Overheard this conversation in the sauna today between a father and his five year old son. The dad was asking his son how his day had been:

– Did you go for a run today?
– Yes.
– What shoes did you wear?
– Rubberboots.
– But isn’t it hard to run in rubberboots?
– No everybody had rubberboots on. And everybody fell.

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