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Spontaneous run

Was supposed to just do a couple of easy km’s and I ended up running 10.


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Easy does it.

Today I achieved my most important goal: Totally carefree and easy running. After 5.3 km I ran home for dinner. Then I ran another 3.6 km, burping vietnamese food all the way.

Not fast, but more enjoyable than ever. If it continues in this direction, I’ll be able to skip my way through the half marathon in April. While whistling.



Edit: Maybe the reason it felt so good was the temperature. A comfortable +5°C (41°F)!
Spring is here.

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Lazy end of the pool.

Another easy day at the pool. Did a bit of fast crawl but nothing serious.

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Suburban hiking.

Can you spot the wrong turn?

Another 9 km near Oskarshamn, Småland. Nice and easy. I had the company of a colleague. Talking while running makes sure you take it easy. It was supposed to be a shorter round, but as you can see from the map, we took a wrong turn.

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