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Easy does it.

Today I achieved my most important goal: Totally carefree and easy running. After 5.3 km I ran home for dinner. Then I ran another 3.6 km, burping vietnamese food all the way.

Not fast, but more enjoyable than ever. If it continues in this direction, I’ll be able to skip my way through the half marathon in April. While whistling.



Edit: Maybe the reason it felt so good was the temperature. A comfortable +5°C (41°F)!
Spring is here.

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Industrial espionage

Unfortunately I couldn't explore the red areas. I might go another time without camera and NOT dressed in black, to avoid looking like a spy from a Hollywood movie. Click the images for higher resolution.


There is a large part of the old harbour that’s no longer in use, making for some scenic views. Sort of like a horror movie theme park. It’s marked green in the map. There was a girl photographing graffiti with a tripod. Kulturkajen Docken (The cultural quay “The Dock”) is marked yellow. They sometimes have 90’s style rave parties. I hope there will soon be an end to that, because we live only 3 km away, and it’s unbelievably noisy! It’s supposedly a nice place to drink a beer in the summer. I also saw one jogger and a fisherman. Other than that, the peninsula was completely empty.

There’s also an old shipyard and an enormous container port (red), but they are unfortunately closed to the public. At the far end of the peninsula, past the marina is a small strip of grass, a perfect place to eat Jennifer’s home made granola bar. Please also note my white Adidas gloves! They are prototypes from around 2003. I have no idea if you can get them, but they are nice and not too airtight, and I can operate my camera with them. Recommend thin cotton gloves to anyone running in winter.

And then I went home and watched this for a while…

34km! Another weekly record according to Runkeeper. I’m starting to get somewhere. Soon I need to do fartlek/speedwork. And some actual running. But it seems I’ve been right to take it easy and be patient: Running is now easier than ever. It’s really been a drag at times, waiting for my legs to build the necessary muscles to achieve a relaxed forefoot landing.

Really looking forward to running a half marathon. And to my next urban exploration run.


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Nordhavn – Svanemøllen, a trip along the pier.

Today I got up, and my girlfriend had prepared an enormous meal of egg and bacon, home baked bread, cheese and coffee. And after that I went out and easily ran 20 km. I can honestly say It’s the most effortless running I have ever done in my life.

I have been having a bit of tiredness on the inside and outside of my calves lately. I’ve heard that compression socks is one of the very few things that are scientifically proven to improve results. So I borrowed some off my girlfriend, and I think they did the trick. My guess is, they provide that tiny bit of support my weakling ankles need. On the other hand, it could just be that I’m getting stronger. I’ve rested well since last week.

Sometime soon I hope I’ll come to the point where I can actually start running. Right now I’m just hobbling along at just under 10 km/h. “Travel diary” will be posted. Very nice trip.

And I must add the Neo Trails are simply amazing when it comes to grip on icy surfaces. Running on a wet icy wooden pier is generally considered dangerous, and I wouldn’t attempt it in any other shoe. I was a bit skeptic to this shoe after reading some mixed reviews, but I know for certain than none of the reviewers had tried the shoe in winter, as it only came out in summer 2011. Also it seems that people who live in warmer countries tend to conclude “too warm, doesn’t drain: Dealbreaker” or “No rockplate, overly aggressive grip”, while I’ve read reviews from Denmark and Britain stating “This is THE shoe for winter conditions”. I guess the same  things that makes it good also makes it not suitable for hot weather. Anyway, amazing shoe.


Listening to this

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Getting in shape for new years eve.

Basically the first 6 km is easy, hopefully in a couple of weeks, 21 km will be easy too. I need to loose a few kilos if I am to carry my body that far. Has anyone ever lost weight during Christmas?


EDIT: Seems some little hint of Achilles tendinitis is acting up in my right foot. That’s one thing to take the joy out of running… I think I’ll be nice to my feet and go for the 10k on new years eve. Luckily it’s the opposite foot from last time (my left foot is as good as new), but still… I’ve read some terrible stories about this injury.

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Vivobarefoot EVO

Just did my second 5km run in the EVOs and they feel very much like my old flat H&M sneakers in terms of keeping me on the forefoot. They are lighter and have a lot better grip though. Landing hard on the heel feels very unnatural when wearing these. My plan is to get my quads in shape for another half-marathon in the beginning of November, and beat my 2 hour PB, which I figure I should be able to do.

I ran a half marathon a couple of weeks ago, and I completely lost power in my legs after 15km. Around the 11th km I caught up with the 01:45-guys, but then my legs just turned to gel. A bit annoying, since I felt fine otherwise. I hadn’t really done a practice-run longer than 13km so I guess I got what I paid for. Still I was pleased just to finish, it being my first race and all.

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