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It’s good to have a weekly goal. If I feel uninspired I can focus on reaching my weekly goal of 16km. And this week I overshot it by two km again. Might need to up the ante. 18 kilometers it is!

22,5 km left to beat my monthly record.



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Fitness reports

Runkeeper makes a nifty little graph of my weekly distance. It seems a bit uneven to me…

It has inspired me to start having a fixed mileage. I’m trying to reach 20 this week, which means I have to run 3 km christmas eve and 3 km christmas day. I’ll see how it works, and adjust it down to 16 if I feel like it. I feel I am at a point where it will very soon be comfortable to run a bit more and further. I hope that’s true.


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Three a day

Increase mileage by 10% they say… I’m trying to increase my mileage by a tiny bit every week. Last week i ran 20 km. If I run three km every day I’ll be at 21. A 5% increase.

My plan is then to increase by 5% until I hit the highest level that is comfortable. Beyond that lies the possimpible. If you don’t know what possimpible is, watch this clip (or read the quote below):

All my life, I have dared to go past what is possible. Actually, past [the impossible]. To the place where the possible and the impossible meet to become… the possimpible. If I can leave you with one thought, it’s this: Nothing… and everything… is possimpible.

Barney Stinson


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